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Documentary Film 1st-3rd July
18 Jul 2005, 12:42
Dear Fans,

Itís Jo here, the filmmaker from London. (We were filming at the Renaissance bar 1st-3rd July)

A big thank you once again to all those to took part in the film.

Iím sorry itís taken me so long to post to this site, but I had a few problems navigating my way around due to my terrible French language skills!

I will be posting this website and others on a monthly basis to let you know the progress of the film. Next posting is due on or about the 10th August.

For those fans that could not make it Paris on the 3rd, Iíll explain what all this is about.

The crew and I were in Paris from 1st-3rd July to make a short documentary about Jim Morrison, the fans and Le Pere Lachaise cemetery. Unfortunately we were not allowed to film in the cemetery at the weekend and instead filmed the celebrations at the Renaissance bar.

Anyway, I donít have anything to report at the moment regarding the progress of the film as Iím still sorting out paperwork!

I do however have many production photographs that I shall be posting to the websites (technology allowing!) by the end of the month.

Speak to you soon.

All the best, Jo

Winter Pictures
The Backdoorman

19 Jul 2005, 5:25
Nice to have a message from you !

It was a pleasure to see that the Doors fans community was still interesting film makers more than 30 years after Jim's death.
So, never hesitate to ask us (The french fan club, a feast of friends) whatever you might have forget in the film concerning France and see you as soon as possible Jo!

Best regards.


20 Jul 2005, 3:04
Hello Jo,

Are you the young woman who interviewed Gilles Yepremian and me at the the bar La Renaissance ??? I had given you this siteweb for that you communicate us the news about this film.

I'm Nicolas Lejeune, thanks for the news.
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