Chat avec Ray et Robby
3 juillet 1996

This log was created from a live chat that happened on July 3rd, 1996, on The Official Doors Page "Http://www.thedoors.com" The guests are two of the surviving Doors members; Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger. This site and Chat is managed and designed by THE SHIVA KOLLEKTIVE (ShivaK@thedoors.com). This document can be copied and distributed, but cannot be sold or edited without premission from The Doors Music Co and The Shiva Kollektive.

During parts of the chat there where technical problems that may have messed up the order of some of the questions and answers I did my best to collect a clear and accurate document of this chat.

THE 3 PM CHAT-Ray Manzarek.

July 3, 1996 - The Official Doors Page is very PROUD to welcome Live in DOORS CHAT Ray Manzarek!!!

God rest Jim's soul on this special day.

joe: you can start the questions.

Noknow : Hello Ray: how did Coppola's use of "The End" in Apocalypse Now come about? Did you see the movie before you gave your approval?
Noknow : Here's a follow up if I can: There's a lot more vocal chanting in the Apocalypse Now mix of "The End". Can you comment on it in any way?
RAY: Francis had the idea himself
RAY: the extra vocal on The End is Jim's actual recorded and censored version of the end.
RAY: we had to cut the dirty words in those days.
RAY: Jim actually uses the F word in the end.

Noknow : Ray: What do you think Jim might say about the kind of communication we're having now through computers?
RAY: Jim would more favor reading of books and I agree

Brian: says to RAY: Have Ray recorded any Midi-files?
RAY: No, no midi files.

RAY: I'd like to thank all of you for being with me
RAY: on this special day. And Jim would be very pleased
RAY: with your rememberance of him. You are all very cool people.

Victoria : Ray, re: Jim. Some hearts reach high.

RAY: We are having a bit of a problem because too many people came on at once so relax and we will take questions in a moment
RAY: I.m appearing with Michael Mcclure at the rock and roll hall of fame on Wed and Thur nest week July 9 and 10 or 8 and 9. So maybe I'll see you there.

Brian : Hi. Greetings from Norway. What about recording midi-files of Doors Songs? It would be great to have the notes.
RAY: no midi files

Cyberwitch : ray: have you seen the stuff of Jim's that Patricia Kennealy has yet? If so, what do you think?
RAY: I have not seen the Kennealy stuff. Don't know what it is.

RAY: There is a rumor that Jim will be dug up
RAY: and removed from Paris on july6 2001

RAY: please dont send private messages it hangs up the line

Tammy : Hi Ray! I'm glad to be here today, I wanted to know are you still married to Dorthey? Do you have any children?<
RAY: I'm still married to dorothe and we have a son Pablo 22

mjim : Welcome, in. First thank you so much for the music.
mjim : What is it like to see the face of the man that you were good friends and companions with for those years, Pasted on shirts and Posters all over the world.
RAY: mjim thanks a lot dude
RAY: I'm glad jim is still alive in the minds and hearts of all the people who wear his face

SteveH; says to RAY: Ray, what do think of Oliver Stone?
RAY: Oliver Stone is a nice man but a dirty liar and bad film maker

Frank : Do you have unreleased the Doors material? Are you planning to release it?
RAY: Yes. In the box set. Good hot stuff you've never heard

rich66 : What does the music of the doors still appeal to so many after all these years?
RAY; It's a music of freedom and love. The passion of the Doors and the Power of Jim is what makes it lasting

Fred : Are they planning on moving Jim out of Paris, becuase of a lease?
RAY: yes the lease is up and he is a big trouble maker to the french

Trinsic; says to RAY: Did jim really die? Or did he just get sick of the music industry with all the fans and fame? Or did he move out to the Hawaiin Islands with his Girlfriend and sit around all day sipping on Whiskey based drinks?
RAY: Jim drank himself to DEATH
RAY: dont you do it

Daniel : Hi Ray, what did you think of John's book, "Riders on the Storm"?
RAY: dont care for the book, I had and John had much more fun than the book would
RAY: lead you to believe. John had a very good time as a Door. Maybe he forgot.

Fred; gently hugs RAY: peace
RAY; gently hugs ALL: fred back

RAY: no private calls about ectoplasm! (ed note; ray commenting about receiving private messages)

H.C.'s mom; says to RAY: Do you still meditate?
RAY: I meditate sometimes. I think you all should.
RAY: its really quite relaxing and it beats the hell out of heroine

mjim : What is it like now, thinking back on the doors, And how everyone says you changed the course of music history, How does that make you feel.
RAY: its great to be a door and have all of you great fans supporting us.

Tammy : What are you working on now Ray as far as music?
RAY: I'm making an album with Pablo my son
RAY: it will be ambient-techno music

Wintertime Love : I saw you many times, but my best memory is Santa Clara Fairgrounds in May of 68. Know my kids love The Doors almost as much as I do.
RAY: Santa Clara was a great gig!

Bryan : Mr.Manzarek i read in a new book called Moonlight Drive that the three remaining members of the original group were gonna record again..Is this true??
RAY: not true but we might, some day

madwoman; says to RAY: Who is this Cliff Morrison singer - any relation?
RAY: NO RELATION as far as I know!

RAY : I have to go peepee i'll be right back

RAY: boy that felt good

Bryan : Do you think if Jim Morrison had not died when he did and were still alive today - well what kind of songs would you guys be recording today in the 90's
RAY: We'd be doing things like An American Prayer.

Fred : Do you think the doors was the first "alternative" band?
RAY: It was the first truly psychedlic band

H.C. : Do you know how much they love the Doors here in Mexico?
RAY: Viva Mexico!
RAY: Vinextva Mexico!

mjim : Is it true that the doors might come out with another album, if so are they going to be songs that were unreleased
RAY: Box set has unreleased sons!

Bryan : So What is in store for The Doors?
RAY: the future and the 21st Century is in store for all of us!

kazhmir; says to RAY: so you didn't like the movie about The Doors?
RAY: my Jim was a much better human being!

Sheila : I think it would be nice to see a movie about Jim in the context of his past lives. Probably more honest.
RAY: we all have the same past life. Yes?

mjim : I agree, To tell you the truth, I hate the doors movie
RAY : good mjim

geno : What do you think of the graffiti all over the cemetary
RAY: dont make dirty on the walls like a dog!

rich66 : Ray, I've enjoyed the doors' videos you've directed, really dig the "riders on the storm" vid. Is there more doors film to be released?
RAY : Laser Disc is out called the Doors Collection
RAY : it has my student movies at UCLA and Jim appears in one of them

James; says to RAY: Do you know anything about the doors box set that should have been released five years ago?
RAY : box set in late 97...I hope
RAY: dont know about the 5 years ago box set

mjim : Are you surprised that the doors are still as big as they are.
RAY: NO I always thought the Doors were timeless and I guess they are.

Bryan; says to RAY: Do you think that Jim Morrison would have become so legendary had he lived to record longer?
RAY: Jim would rather be alive than be a legend!
RAY : I don't think so. But Maybe!

kazhmir : Ray: does the way people have defaced Jim's grave with grafitti, etc.. make you angry?
RAY : dont make dirty all over graves. What's the matter with you are you dumb?

Bryan : Ray you say Jim Drank himself to death.. What about the Heroin Rumours..
RAY : I never say Jim use Heroin. But who knows...that's Paris

SteveH : Ray, any more classical stuff from you a' la Orff? I dug it alot.
RAY : Maybe some Satie improvs.

Brian : Is there anyway to get the notes from Doors songs (the parts you played, bass+organ)?
RAY : Yes, listen to the records and practice over and over!.

Frank : Which biography on Jim would you recommend?
RAY : No one here gets out alive

Bryan; says to RAY: Hey Ray Got Any More Great Songs for the Fans in The Future
RAY : in the BOX SET...wait till you hear em you're gonna love em... I do@!

Tammy : Any new videos coming out?
RAY : YES! Doors Greatest Hits Video in the Spring of 97!

Cecilia : I would like to know what's your opinion about drugs. Specifically Maria Juana and lsd?
RAY: dont do white powder. dont do heroin crack coke. Stay psychedelic!

Head Bobbing Up : In "No One Here Gets Out Alive", Danny Surgarman said Jim lived life out on the edge so the rest of us wouldn't have to. Did Jim himself think that, or was he just living hard and letting others interpret him?
RAY: good! Yes Jim lived for HIMSELF. We add the color and myth to his life. Just like Jesus.

H.C. : What kind of music do you listen to now?
RAY: Ethnic musdic, world music, Chinese, Japan, Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Jazz and Classical of all countries

Bryan : Thanks for answering the question about recording again.. One More though - If you found the right Poet/Singer would you give it a shot??
RAY : No did it already. Once a philosopher...twice a pervert!

kazhmir; says to RAY: so what was the deal with the Dade County show?
RAY : Penis time. Big white shat of love muscle

Daniel : Do you think there's anything you could've done to stop Jim's downward spiral?
RAY : no you can only stop yourself. It's your life and you live it the way you want. If you die, you die. I want to live to 87 or more

kazhmir : ray: I remember in the movie something about Jim having an affair with a Satan worshipper, is that true or just Oliver Stone hype?
RAY : Dont belive the MOVIE you jerk

H.C. : Do you think that Jim would be viewed as such a sex god if he had deteriorated even further (in appearance) than he had started to before he died?
RAY : I never thought of jim as a SEX GOD I always thought he was a poet...don't you?

Victoria : Ray, in The Doors From The Inside radio show, Jac Holzman says Jim denied his parents' existence because he was protecting his father's military interests. From the reading I've done, this isn't the reason I've heard why Jim ignored his parents. Any comment?
RAY : I dont know about jim and his parents. How could Jac Holzman know?

rich66 : Your favorite book on the doors? Favorite doors album? Favorite bootleg?
RAY : Doors Illustrated History, ALL doors albums, no bootleg

mjim :
Are you going to release the doors collectors video on VHS
RAY : its on laser disk so whatelse?

Head Bobbing; Up says to RAY: What did you think about Kyle MacLachlin's portrayal of you in the movie?
RAY : the film was a LIE! I walked out after I read the script next

H.C.'s mom : What are some of your favorite books?
RAY : Oh this and that about some things and not others...next

rich66 : When's the box set really coming out?
RAY : I hope in oct. of 97...

RAY : No more Doors movies. How could it be accurate and why do you want to see someone play JIM?

madwoman; says to RAY: What do you think about Doors copy bands? You used to show at some Wild Child shows - but not anymore...too boring?
RAY : copy band is fine

RAY: I'm sorry but I have to go. Two more questions and thats it

H.C.'s mom : Was there any strong rivalry between the Doors and other bands of the era. (Cream, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, etc.)
RAY : Yes! WE will kick some butt on those Rolling Stones. How very thin they are. And Zep is cool but We will kick their butts too

Head Bobbing Up : Did Jim really live out on the edge so the rest of us wouldn't have to, or was that just hype?
RAY : the music. Thats what it was all about. Forget the myth and listen to the words of Jim Morrison

igor3000@sprynet.com; says to RAY: Heard any good poetry lately ray??
RAY : YES. michael mcclure and I work together<
RAY : hes a very good poet

Cecilia : In Oliver Stone's movie Patricia got pregnant, what happened to the child? Did she abort?
RAY : yes..she aborted jim morrisons child!

Head Bobbing Up : Enjoyed you on "Politically Incorrect", was that fun and will you do it again?
RAY : It was fun but the topics were silly . I'd do it again and I might in the future

SteveH : Ray: How about an autobiography?
RAY : in the 21st century. It's too early now.. You want to know the sex dirt and I want to talk aout Jim the Poet!

H.C.'s mom : How many hours of practice would the doors put in on average week.
RAY: we played about three hours a day 5 days per week

RAY : i got to go. thanks everyone bye bye and I'm going to the pool and robby will be on later so thanks for everything youre all cool.

The 6 pm CHAT. Robby Krieger Chat Preview for German Television.

(ed Note; Todd Gray is typing for Robby)

Robby: Hello, I'm not robby, I'm just his fingers.
Robby: As soon as he comes in we'll do a quickie chat (was it good for you) for Der Greman Fanzz
Robby : camera techs are busy setting up equipment
Robby : The event is being covered by a German political correspondant, Claudia

joe: July 3, 1996 - The official Doors Page is very PROUD To Welcome Robby Krieger!

Robby: Robby has just entered the studio, refreshed and is talking to the interviewer
Robby: Hello
Robby : Greetings

Cyberwitch : robby: could you talk a little about the different styles that seem to have influenced you, flamenco, slide/blues, classical?
Robby: Thats a good question, I'd say they are all my favorites
Robby : the first one that was my favorite was Flemenco

Melissa : Robby: have you ever played with Wild Child. It might remind you of the old times
Robby : Yes I have done that quite a few times...it was very nostalgic...although I also play Dooors songs with my own group and I prefer to do that rather than sit in with copy groups

Anonymous9 : where did the phrase 'light my fire' come from?
Robby : From my brain
Robby : to coin a phrase... I coined that phrase

risinmojo : Robbie was Love Me Two Times written about anyone in particular
Robby : No. I was thinking of a guy going out of town and having to leave his girlfriend or wife--the soldiers leaving for Vietnam and leaving their girlfriends or wives behind.

Joe_Holloway : Some of you guitar work seems impossible to play at times, like "Spanish Caravan" and "Love Her Madly", what do you consider your most intricate guitar work?
Robby : I think the hardest to play correctly is the solo when the musics over. In fact I can't do it myself. Many guitar players tell me they've learned how to play the solo on light my fire.
Robby : But I haven't heard one guitar player play LMF correctly yet.

Tammy : Robby, have you been back to Florida since the Miami incident?
Robby : A couple of times to St. Petersberg , Jacksonville to play with my own band. I like Florida alot.

Robby: 2 more questions then I have to do TV stuff

Joe_Holloway : What happened to the R.K.O ?
Robby : Its on hiatus right now. I'm doing some recording

Duane : You have any pets, Robby?
Robby: Yes. 2 dogs, Muffy and Boundary, and 6 cats

Joe_Holloway : as one of the first users of a bottleneck in rock music, who influenced you to use the bottleneck?
(editors note: Robby gets dumped and telephones in the last answer)
joe : hes on the phone to answered the last question
joe: Blind willy Johnson Robert Johnson old blues guys like that

THE 8 PM CHAT-Robby Krieger

Robby :
this is todd typing for Robby...he is ready...Joe? Are you?

joe: July 3, 1996 - The official Doors Page is very PROUD To Welcome Robby Krieger!

Robby : Greetings

Mojo : Do you think that Jim used Mr. Mojo Risin as a name to escape society?
Robby : Mr. Mojo Risin was merely an anagram for Jim Morrison

Trinsic : What is your favorite guitar?
Robby : My favorite guitar is my Sixty-one-355 Gibson

Risinmojo : Robbie was your portrayal accurate in the movie also great cameo would have liked to see you more, why should John get all the spotlight
Robby : 40% accurate (what there was of it) in the film.

Mojo : What is your favorite song you wrote?
Robby : Hmmm, probably "Yes The River Knows" is my favorite song I've written

Joe_Holloway : Robby, do you ever have time to surf the web, and what are some of your favorite pages (Doors tribute or not)
Robby : I'm just getting into it. I like to look at the various Doors pages over the Net.

Risinmojo : Heard your son was in a group ,which is it and is he as good as you
Robby : Yes my son Waylon was just in a group called BLOODLINE. Yes, he's a great blues player

Victoria : Robby: Are you still painting and will you continue to show in the Artexpo tour?
Robby : Yea, I'm still painting, just did a couple yesterday. You can see the stuff at the Art Expo.

rich66 : Robby: What was the most satisfying event you had as a door? What did Robby K get personally out of being in the group?
Robby : The most satisfying was playing the Fillmore West in 1967.

Risinmojo : Robbie do you ever feel like Jim let you down as the group evolved.
Robby: Only by dying did Jim let us down. May he rest in Peace.

kelly; says to Robby: Robby what was your favourite DOrrs album to play
Robby: My favorite album was Strange Days
Robby : Because it was the most guitar oriented album.

Jerry Jensen : Mojo is in reference to a medicine bag...for the world
Robby : Thanks for that comment

Tammy : Robby, how come The Doors never played at Woodstock?
Robby: We never played at Woodstock because we were stupid and turned it down. We thought it would be a second class repeat of Montery Pop Festival

Robby : One second, I have to do one last TV thing.
(Editors Note: Robby takes a short break to wrap up his interview with German Television)

Joe_Holloway : I wanted to rephrase a question that was asked earlier: What do you think about The Doors' guitar tablature being distributed freely via the internet... Do you consider it copyright infringement?
Robby : I haven't thought about it. For now its ok. Could be a problem in the future.

Billy : Why did you improvise your solos on every performance
Robby: I improvised otherwise I'd probably get bored playing the same thing every time.

AnacondA : How may personalities did Jim have (that you can remember) ie Lizzard kink, Mr. mojo.
Robby: Really Jim had only two: The nicest guy you'd ever want to meet and the worst ass hole.

Jerry Jensen : What are your favorite bands at the moment?
Robby : My favorite bands now are: NONE

Billy : why did you play without a pick?
Robby : Because I learned Flamenco that way, w/out a pick

cunning runt : robby, you still playin' w/ skip keybds?
Robby : Great Name,
Robby : Not right now but will later.
Robby : cunning runt is referring to Skip VanWinkl Who played in my last band.

Jimbo : Which new group(s) do you think best capture the spirit of the Doors?
Robby : None.

Bob : Robby: What projects due the Doors have comin up, any box-set?
Robby : Yea, a box set, possible Greatest Hits Video, possible CD-ROM...stay in touch with this web site 'cause you'll get the info first right here!

kelly says to Robby: Do you believe half of the things that PAtricia Kenneally says about her and Jims supposed love?? and witch marraige??
Robby shouts to ALL: NO!
Robby : She might of hung out with him but she was no Pamela

Billy : Why did you use fuzz distortion so much?
Robby : 'Cause fuzz distortion was all we had. We didn't have overdrive on our amps.

Rachel : Is Ray MAnzareck really as rude as he seemed this afternoon?
Robby: I didn't catch the chat this afternoon so I have no idea how rude you say he was.

igor3000 : were you afraid of Jim Morrison?
Robby winks at ALL : Afraid of him? No -- only when he was driving

SteveH : Hi Robby, and thanks, was it hard for you three accomplished musicians to create melody around Morrison's somewhat sporadic poetry, or did it come naturally?
Robby : American Prayer album was not easy because Jim wasn't there to help. The other albums were easy because he could always shape the words to the music -- if it didn't work the other way around.

Rick Needham : How did you guys get by without a bass player?
Robby : We didn't need a bass player. We tried different bass players but never found one that fit in. So Ray's left hand became the bass player

says to Robby: Any solo projects coming up?
Robby : Working on an album -- jazz/rock or acid/jazz -- and painting

Risinmojo : Do you keep in touch with the other doors
Robby: Yes I do keep in touch with the other Doors

AnacondA : how are some you musical influences?
Robby : My influences are Wes Montgomery, John Coltrane, Sabicus and Robert Johnson

Trinsic : Are you putting together any new work utilizing computers or 3d sound?
Robby: Yes, using computers with ProTools and Logic Audio to write music and to record. I've got a Macintosh audio studio

cunning runt : saw you at glen ellen regional a few years back with eric burton, then saw you in Santa Maria with Skip Van Winkle. Are you still doing the fair tours?
Robby : Not doing those gigs at the moment, I will later though.
Robby winks at ALL: cunning runt: thanks for coming out and supporting the music

boby : What do you think about Jim death in paris
Robby : Jim's death was the worst news I ever got...I don't think we should celebrate this day, better to celebrate this birthday. I don't dig people making bucks out of July 3rd (Memorial gigs) on his death day

Robby : Just a couple more questions

SteveH : Robby: Since both the "Doors" and Hendrix virtually "carried" Elektra during the early years, would you say the label treated you faily well?
Robby: Hendrix was not on Elektra... But Elektra did treat us very fairly, probably better than any record company would today.

Head Bobbing Up : You wrote The Doors greatest songs, but have always been in Jim's shadow. How have you come to peace with that?
Robby : Don't mind being in Jim's shadow. If you have to be in someones shadow, couldn't pick a better guy than Jim.

Billy :
Why did you have a black eye during The Smothers Brothers SHow?
Robby: Jim and I got in a fight. He won.

rich66 : Will any of the '67 Fillmore West concert be included in the box set? Are you guys still figuring out what goes in the box set? When's the box set really coming out?
Robby : Unfortunately nobody brought a tape recorder to the Fillmore that night. We're still working on the box set. Hopefully it will be available 'Fall of '97. The double LIVE ALBUM is coming out this fall though.

Robby : Moderator please post the last question

Clarissa : is it true what Ray said to a brazilian newspaper, that Jim never took what Ray calls "stupid drugs": Heroin and Cocain ?
Robby : As far as I know he never took heroin.

Robby: Thanks everyone for coming to this chat. I had a good time and now that we have OUR own Doors Site we'll do this again soon. Good night and god bless Jim Morrison.

copyright 1996 Doors Music Co and Shiva Kollective