The Lost Interview Tapes Featuring Jim Morrison Volume Two: The Circus Magazine Interview

THE LOST INTERVIEW TAPES FEATURING JIM MORRISON VOLUME TWO: THE CIRCUS MAGAZINE INTERVIEW - février 2002 - Ce disque renferme l'entrevue que Salli Stevenson, journaliste pour le Circus Magazine, effectua avec Jim Morrison le 13 octobre 1970.

The Lost Interview Tapes Featuring Jim Morrison Volume Two: The Circus Magazine Interview
1.About Absolutely Live3:06
2.Why The Lack Of Practice?1:06
3.Do You Have A Great Big Ego?1:03
4.How Do You Feel About Being Called The Lizard King?2:37
5.Do You Believe In Reincarnation?0:22
6.What Is Your Primary Belief?0:22
7.What Kind Of Films Did You Make At UCLA?0:57
8.What Grade Did They Give You?1:11
9.The Idea For Theatrecality In Rock1:13
10.What Was Your State Of Mind In Miami?0:53
11.Jim: I Had A Trial0:47
12.What Did You Do That Evening?1:51
13.People Say The Doors Have Declined1:21
14.Pop Idols And Rock Stars0:48
15.Jim: A Hero Is Someone Who Rebels Against The Facts Of Existence0:53
16.What Do You Think Of Yourself As A Human Being?0:35
17.If You Had To Do The Whole Thing Over What Would You Have Done?1:20
18.What Do You Plan To Do In The Future?0:42
19.How Is Your Book Doing?0:33
20.With The Deaths Of Jimi And Janis, Why Do You Think They Burned Themselves Out?1:43
21.How Do You Think You'll Die?1:00
22.What About The State Of America?1:04
23.What Is The Climate Of America In Your Opinion?1:09
24.If You Spend Eight Months In Jail, What's Going To Happen To The Group?0:52
25.Has It Definitely Been Decided That You're Going To Jail?3:02
26.What Was The Isle Of Wight Concert Like?2:04
27.The Trial, Were You Scared?4:58
28.What About The Police?1:34
29.Have You Ever Been Hassled On The Road By The Police?1:19
30.I Didn't Know You Have A Sister0:16
31.How Did Your Fame Affect Your Family?0:34
32.Have Your Earlier Visualizations For The Group Become A Realization?1:15
33.Restart The Cassette Machine0:36
34.Jim: I Like Interviews2:53
35.The Stooges And Other Groups2:24
36.Jim: About Love0:57
37.Jim: John Got Married Sunday0:58
38.Jim: The Group's At A Critical Point0:27
39.Jim: About Interviews5:42
40.Have You Seen The Company Theatre Play?0:49
41.How Do You Feel About Plays Written About You?0:50
Total : 58:06

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